Work, Play, Relax

Never has there been more of a need for extra space than when you have a growing family.

The Creche provides somewhere where children can play safely and where parents can work in a comfortable garden setting. A warm, thermally efficient living space, this is somewhere that the family can relax throughout the year.

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Yorkshire Garden Studio
Inside Yorkshire Garden Studio

Bespoke Studio Design

To ensure that we always meet our customers specific needs, we will always offer a completely bespoke garden studio design to homeowners, combining the styles of our signature range to create unique structures that satisfy your requirements in full.

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Atmosphere A statement piece of architecture, the Atmosphere provides an ideal space for entertaining, relaxing or exercising!
Gîte A tranquil retreat at the bottom of your garden.
Technic Stunningly elegant and unique, the Technic will make a statement in any landscape.